Okay, the kids nagged and begged until you finally gave in and got them a baby dragon to train. It was up to them to care for it. Now look what's happened! Tragic though this may be, you now have the perfect Halloween decoration. The Dragon Skeleton Garden Sculpture will really set you apart this year!

Dragon Skeleton Garden Sculpture
Dragon Skeleton Garden Sculpture

This little skeleton is really made of poly-resin to make him sturdy enough for both outdoor and indoor use. There is no doubt that it will make anyone passing by to do a double take and laugh. It just isn't something you expect to see. Maybe with one of those cat or dog skeletons, but a baby dragon? This is just the perfect item for Game of Thrones fans or people who just like fantasy. Personally, I would just love to set it up and watch my cat's reaction to it.

To order a Dragon Skeleton Garden Sculpture for your Halloween decor, click here.

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