A lion at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, England was asked to turn in his King of the Beasts card after being frightened by a popping bubble.

White Lion At British Zoo Exposed As A Coward By Popping Bubble

Oh the shame... we could say Moto the lion turned white as a ghost when a floating soap bubble popped in his enclosure but we can't, because Moto is a natural-born white lion.

White Lion At British Zoo Exposed As A Coward By Popping Bubble

Whether he's a born coward as well is up for debate but a scene caught on video by his zookeepers sure doesn't show him in the best light. The video shared by Tony, a keeper at the Paradise Wildlife Park's Facebook page, showed Moto in “one of his not so finest moments, getting scared of a little bubble”.  


Park staff didn't intend to freak out poor Moto, of course, especially not on his 10th birthday. Rather, the scene was captured during what the Park calls “Bubble Enrichment”... just one of the ways animals at the zoo are entertained and exercised to increase their quality of life.  

Neidermeyer's horse Animal House

Our "mane man" Moto reacted to the bubble's bursting much like Douglas C. Neidermeyer's horse did in the film Animal House when Flounder fired his pistol – without the subsequent heart attack, thankfully. (via UPI)