Giraffes are gentle and pastoral animals as they browse among the
savannas and grasslands of Africa eating the leaves of acacia trees.
Bring this calm style into your home with this whimsical Whistling
Giraffe Tea Kettle

Whistling Giraffe Tea KettleWhistling Giraffe Tea Kettle

The enamel on steel kettle holds 2.5 quarts of water at a time to help you heat water for tea, ramen noodles, or soaking that nasty boil. This kettle is also cute enough to keep you company while you relax with your cup of tea. With a whistle it will also let you know when the water is ready so that you don't have to watch the pot. It also works on any kind of heat source.

To order a Whistling Giraffe Tea Kettle for yourself or as a gift for a giraffe loving friend, click here.

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