Gamma Skamper RampGamma Skamper Ramp

When I saw the Gamma Skamper Ramp, I was instantly reminded of a time last fall when I took my pup on a play date to his friends' house.  While he was running around his friends' yard, he fell into their backyard pool. Never having been in a pool, he was scrambling to stay afloat and I jumped into the pool to rescue him.  Sure, dogs are supposed to know how to swim instinctively, but...

... surprises happen, don't they?  And when my dog fell into the water, believe me, he was surprised.  And could he swim instinctively or not, in his mental state he was unable to even get himself to the steps of the pool.   



Gamma Skamper RampGamma Skamper Ramp


The Skamper Ramp is a must-have safety precaution for folks with swimming pools and dogs, especially small dogs,  And if you take your dogs boating, then the Skamper Ramp should be as much a part of your dog safety equipment as his Pet Saver Life Jacket.  It is especially important to have ready in case 'accident's happen.'

You do need to train your dog to use the Skamper Ramp and the best way is to get him to use it as his path to get in and out of the pool, and to get in and out of the water when you are boating.



According to Amazon customers, the Skamper Ramp seems best suited to small to medium size dogs.


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