We May Have Descended From A Worm?

As if the Caronavirus wasn't enough to digest in the Year 2020 AD. Yes, a pernicious virus the likes of which we haven't seen on this planet for over 100 years.

Nonetheless, to top that hellish news, this week we learn that we may have descended from a worm. No this is not a satirical twist to reduce our importance in the grand scheme of things. Nor is it another lie espoused by our illustrious leader to prove we don't need more ventilators. No this is a theory backed up by real science and released by the journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, March 23.

The Find

Researchers behind analyzed a chunk of rock containing an ancient undersea burrow found deep below the continent of Australia. They found several fossil organisms preserved near the burrows, each creature about the size and shape of a grain of rice and dating back to approximately 555 million years ago.

To get a more detailed picture of these fossils the scientists viewed them through a 3D laser scanner.

The Worm

They then noted that this tiny creature had a clear head and tail, but also a bilaterally symmetrical body with musculature, similar to a worm and man.

They named it Ikaria wariootia, and dubbed it the oldest known example of a bilaterian — aka, the oldest shared ancestor of all living animals. Oh my God, can it be? I wonder if Ancestry.com knows about this?

"Burrows of Ikaria occur lower than anything else," study co-author Mary Droser, a professor of geology at the University of California, Riverside, said in a statement. "It’s the oldest fossil we get with this type of complexity."

Sentient Macaroni

According to Live Science, "it's a crude simplification of our species. But it does have a digestive tract with some meat wrapped around it."

It was "limbless . . . like sentient macaroni . . . an ancient creepy-crawler . . . with two symmetrical sides, a distinct front and back end, and a continuous gut connection them."

Man is Donut

I'm still not buying the whole theory. After all, there was some talk a few years back that concluded humans may be "donuts."

In a Cosmos Magazine article, science writer Cathal O'Connell stated that "A donut has one continuous hole through it, and so does man (it starts at your mouth and finishes at the other end).

That’s why, topologically speaking, you and a donut are identical."

And if you believe that one, there's another theory that states the 45th President of the United States descended from a worm!

Trump is worm


Primary Source: Live Science