A very confused flamingo who was rescued after landing in northeastern Siberia may have been misdirected by a powerful storm.      

Wayward Flamingo Rescued After Landing In Siberia

Most flamingos are pink due to pigments they absorb from their regular diet of tiny brine shrimp. Then there's this young flamingo, rescued by villagers after it landed in Yakutia, a huge region of northeastern Siberia where the average winter temperature hovers (shivers, actually) around minus-35. It's definitely NOT pink, though flying thousands of miles in the wrong direction would probably make anyone flush with embarrassment.

Scientists from the local branch of Russia's Ministry of Ecology are guessing the wayward filter-feeder originally set out for wetlands in the Midle East but was blown off course by a storm. That must have been some storm! As well, it must have felt some sense of disappointment after touching down on frigid Lake Bylakh, only to find it was alone and there were no shrimp to gorge upon.   

Wayward Flamingo Rescued After Landing In Siberia

It's not certain how the villagers managed to capture the bird, though they seem to have done so without causing it injury. For the moment at least, it's being kept indoors where it can feed on fish meal mixed with warm water... the oddly pallid creature even stands on one leg while feeding, in true flamingo style, as can be seen in this video from Yakutia24 News.

This isn't the first time a flamingo has wandered as far as Siberia, though according to Yevgeny Shemyakin, an ornithologist at the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone, it's been over thirty years since the last incident. Plans are afoot (pardon the pun) to transfer the flamingo to the Orto Doydu zoo near the city of Yakutsk, where zoologists and veterinarians are on hand to assist a wide variety of rescued wildlife. (via Sakha Life)