Those of us who own pets know what a dreaded task it can be to bathe our dogs and cats. I was never one to bathe my cat, but when I got my most recent kitten, who has very long hair, I noticed that she seemed to trap smells in her hair. Because of this, I found it necessary to bathe her, and OH BOY was that a job!! And we all know how messy pets can be.

So how nice would it be for bath time to come, and have a completely compliant pet? I'm sure your thinking to yourself that it will never happen, but it can and will with the Earthbath All-Natural Grooming Wipes

Earthbath All-Natural Grooming WipesEarthbath All-Natural Grooming Wipes


These wipes can be great to use to freshen up your pets coat in between baths, or they can be used as a complete alternative to baths! They are also great to use on their feet when coming in from outside. You can wipe the mud off their paws so they don't track it through your house. Plus they are super easy to use! All you do is grab a wipe and start rubbing it all over there body. It's as simple as that! I like these wipes for several reasons. First off, they come in several different scents including Green Tea and Mango Tango, but they also have a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic kind which is perfect for those who have pets with skin sensitivities. This is perfect for me as my dog has severe skin and food allergies. She loves me using these on her as they have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in them which is very soothing. Second, with winter approaching, most of us will start getting colder weather, if we haven't already. These will be a great option to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean, without needing to get them wet and causing them to get cold. Next, these wipes are great to use on cats AND dogs so they are dual purpose. The wipes come in two sizes. The one pictured above comes in a tub with 100 wipes and the one pictured below is a travel pack with 28 wipes.

 Earthbath All-Natural Grooming Wipes~Travel PackEarthbath All-Natural Grooming Wipes~Travel Pack

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