I'm a kid at heart and when I see that there is a really cool looking
dinosaur movie coming out I get excited.  And Walking With Dinosaurs looks really
good--though I do have one big problem.  See if you can figure it out:


If I recall correctly, back when Disney was developing Dinosaur, they worked with a great effects guy named Phil Tippet.  He did work on the Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones, and Robocop.  His concept was to do a dinosaur movie with no dialogue.  But Disney didn't like that, so what we ended out with was a beautiful movie with a crappy, predictable script--and talking dinosaurs.

While this new film looks terrific, here we go again.  Why can't it just be a movie with dinosaurs that don't talk?  As far as I know, they couldn't.  And, in my opinion, dinosaurs are so cool that they would keep a kid's butt in the theater chair just by running around and doing stuff.  Granted, the juvenile in me found the lines in the trailer kind'a funny.  But there is truly no need for any dialogue coming out of a dinosaur in that circumstance; it's exciting enough.

So, why?  Why????  Give the kids the benefit of the doubt and trust that the magnificent visuals will carry the movie--not Adam Sandler quality dialogue.

Okay... I'm done now.  Walking With Dinosaurs opens on December 20, 2013.

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