Vets & Pets Annual Cornell University Charity Calendar
Hubba hubba!


Yes, folks, it's that time of year again. Time to think about getting a calendar for the coming year. Sure, you can probably get one free from your bank or insurance company, but do you really want to hang them on the wall? Most of them are flimsy and lame. What you ought to do is pick up one of Cornell University’s annual Men of the Vet School Calendars.

Beefcake Calendars

Buffed bods, skimpy clothing, dazzling smiles, it's all eye candy, and it's the sort of thing both men and women can appreciate — regardless of how much they may protest. But there are enough calendars sold every year featuring hunks and hotties to definitively prove the sight of a well-built individual with an aesthetically pleasing face sells — well, anything.

When you combine hunky vets and sweet, furry creatures you get a calendar that sells like hotcakes.

Fund Raising Events

Every year the members of the veterinarian fraternity Omega Tau Sigma show a little skin for their annual charity calendar, which benefits the fraternity and the Cornell University Hospital for Animals’ Patient Assistance Fund. Through the proceeds raised, the program is able to provide financial assistance to members of the community who might be having a hard time coming up with the funds to pay for their pets’ medical bills.

Future Vets of America

These veterinarians in the making were able to donate $5,000 to last year's fund, and this year they are hoping to meet or surpass that figure with the upcoming 2018 calendar. While the guys look a little lost in most of the shots, attesting to the fact they're not professional male models, they put on a brave face atop buffed bodies sans their shirts and do their best to sell calendars.

Supporting a Good Cause

If you'd like to get their calendar — all in the name of charity, of course — you can go online and pick one up at Etsy. You'll be helping the vets, members of the community, and you don't have to look at pictures comprised strictly of kittens every day for the next 12 months.