Ukrainians Who Protect Animals

One might assume by the title of this blog, I'm referencing the political implications of this country. Yes politicians have been chastised as "animals," but that topic is better addressed by political organizations. Today, I've researched how Ukrainians in all its turmoil have taken the time and effort to save the animals in their country.

Oddly enough, there are thousands of Ukrainians in 24 Ukrainian cities who are more focused on saving their animals than worrying about how their country fits into the geopolitical landscape.

Into the streets

With placards such as "Protect the weak," "Go Vegan," "Save the Animals," "Stop Animal Abuse," and "Save the Planet," protestors took to the streets this past September.

Kyiv citizens urged the government to protect the animals by instituting new laws, similar to Holland which currently has zero dog homelessness.

The citizenry were not the only ones who took to the streets. Prominent town figures such as ex-Healthcare Minister Ulyana Supran and singer Dzhamala also supported the protest.

In Dripro, animal activists shouted: "“We are responsible for someone we domesticated”, “Who will save them if not us?” Interesting enough, some of these protestors showed up with their pets in hand.

Those who resided in Mykolaiv declared: "Fur is bloody cupidity." They also stood against capitalizing on the use of animals for money at entertainment venues, such as zoos, sea parks and circuses.

“People use the animals for profit and then throw them away as trash," stated Olena Bardan, head of the animal rights organization Feniks.

Ukrainian Legislation at work

There are two animal protection bills that have been presented to Parliament. No. 6598 addressed amending laws connected to the protection of animals and plants, and No. 8256 denounced the use of dogs for hunting.

Separately, the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine submitted a draft bill on the ban of animal testing of cosmetics.

“One of the important aspects of the new regulation is to ban animal testing of cosmetics and provide the foreign and national companies with a possibility to use latest technological developments, particularly, the alternative ways of the testing of cosmetic products,” noted the Minister.

As the Ukrainians pay more and more attention to animal abuse, they show the rest of the world what's important. Yes, they have to address the Russian intervention into their country, and yes that this is a major crisis. But it's courageous and valiant of them to feel free enough to take on animal abuse issues, as well. In fact, by taking to the streets in protest, it underscores a seed of democracy taking hold, which allows their citizenry to fight for other causes above and beyond politics and war.

Primary Source: International Ukraine Top News