Whether your dog will relax on his indoor potty with a newspaper in his paws or not, I can promise you he'll be quite uncomfortable if he has to "hold it" while you work a 12-hour day. If that's his situation, you should consider getting an indoor potty for your pup.

I like the UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty because it's easy on a dog's paws, being made of a soft plastic with inverted grates, unlike the metal-grated dog pottys. 




The grate is in two parts, making it easier to clean, and the Potty's 19 by 24 inch pan "drippings" move through groves that direct flow easily into the toilet bowl.  Feces will generally stay on the surface of the grate, so it's likely you'll only have to clean one side of the grate or the other.



You can train a puppy or an older dog to use UGODOG.  Training pads are expensive and not environmentally friendly.  You can use your dog's own urine sample to attract him to the grate, rather than using pads or sprays.  Keep the UGODOG in the same place all the time, but away from where he eats or sleeps.  Tips To Potty Train A Dog is a good resource for specifics on the training process.

Your dog's ability to "hold it" depends on her age, her health condition, and her state of anxiety when you are gone.  Some dogs will not go out in the rain or snow.  But once a dog feels the need "to go," she can only hold it for 20 - 30 minutes before she becomes very uncomfortable and very anxious.  If this discomfort leads to an "accident" in your home, that will likely make her more anxious.

Dogs will not confuse an emergency potty with the regular potty of outdoors -- not if you train them properly and give them lots of praise when they pick the right spot at the right time. 


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