Cheerble Wicked Ball

Cheerble Wicked Ball


It's great to see more toys that really stimulate activity and reduce boredom for our pets.

A group of 'smart tech' designers, who happen to be dog lovers, set up a company called Cheerble in 2016 with the purpose of creating and producing smart toys for pets. Already Cheerble is selling its first invention, the Wickedbone, and will ship its second product, the Wicked Ball this Fall.

Your head might spin with the speed of these achievements, but wait until you see how your pets react to these smart toys.


The Wickedbone

The Cheerble Wickedbone

Cheerble Wickedbone


The Wickedbone started shipping to its Kickstarter supporters in mid-2018. Now it's selling all over the world and is a hit on Amazon.  It's a remote-controlled bone that you operate with the Wickedbone virtual joystick on the Wickedbone app for your smart phone. Alternatively, you can set a program to one of 9 'emotions' which will dictate how the bone will move to interest your dog. If you want hands-off, it will interact with your dog if you set it to auto-play.



Don't worry, Cheerble provides written and video instructions to setup the program making it easy for you and your dogs to enjoy the Wickedbone. It comes with white 'tires' or blue tires, but you can purchase extras if you need them. (The tires are the rubber knobs at the ends of the bones that may wear out from play or your dog's gnawing of them.)

Please note that the Wickedbone is not for destructive chewers; however, Cheerble is working on a tougher version of the Wickedbone for them, so we will alert you when that's available.


The Wicked Ball

Currently, Cheerble is near the end of its second fundraising campaign, this time on Indiegogo, to bring the Wicked Ball into pet households everywhere. This toy, for dogs and cats, is for all those hours your pet spends alone.


Wicked Ball

Wicked Ball by Cheerble


You don't need a smart phone interface with the Wicked Ball, but the ball itself is pretty smart. It will interact with your pet without any obvious stimulus; you just have to program it before you leave home.


Cheerble Wicked Ball

Wicked Ball by Cheerble


Inside the ball is a rechargeable battery (Wicked Core) with three settings to stimulate your pet to play: gentle, active, and normal. The one-hour battery charge will last according to how much response the ball gets from your pets and how long they play with it.


Cheerble Wicked Ball


The Wicked Ball even avoids bumping into things as if it had an electronic eye; the ball contains a "collision sensor" and it doesn't even get stuck in hard-to-reach places!

My favorite thing about the Wicked Ball is that there are two versions: one for dogs and one for cats.  While the dog ball appears to have a rubber-like shell, the Wicked Ball for cats has a wool felted shell and a light strip that randomly flicks on and off.




I'm really looking forward to the Wicked Ball for both my pets. It looks like so much fun!

Shipping to supporters of the Wicked Ball campaign is scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2019.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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