Two unlikely rescue animals, a pigeon named Herman and a puppy called Lundy, have bonded as forever friends at a rescue organization in Rochester, New York. Follow their tale of loving friendship which is certain to warm your heart.

An Unlikely Animal  Duo Meet And Bond Forever

The two are an unlikely pair. Herman is a pigeon that cannot fly because of neurological damage suffered more than a year ago. Lundy is a chihuahua puppy that cannot use his hind legs.The two disabled  animals don't know they are not of the same species, and their love for each other keeps them bonded and cuddling with each other against the world at the Mia Foundation in Rochester, New York, a rescue organization, which is focused on the rehabilitation of animals with birth defects and physical deformities. (See: Seeing Eye Camel Is Devoted To Blind Mare.)


Loving Friends
Photo: Good News Network

Sue Rogers, who is the founder of the Mia Foundation, sends most of her rescue animals to foster homes around the United States, but she keep a few of them on-hand for schools that feature anti-bullying programs. Herman was found over a year ago in a car dealership parking lot, where he sat on the pavement without moving for three days until rescuers realized that the poor pigeon could not fly. (See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

The South Carolina breeders of little Lundy sent him to the shelter because his hind legs were dysfunctional  from condition known as Swimmer's Syndrome. He weighs just six ounces, which makes him small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. When they were placed together for the first time., Roger saw how the two snuggled together immediately.  She said: "Herman didn't peck and Lundy didn't nibble. It was pure love."  (See: Blind Hero Seal Rescues Rescuers.)

The Future Looks Bright Ahead

The photos Sue Rogers posted of the loving duo brought about a flood of supportive letters, requests for adoptions and much needed donations to support all the good work conducted at the Mia Foundation. "I was blown away," she said. "The foundation raised $6,000 in two days .That's enough to cover the high-end cost of a veterinary surgery that many of our rescue animals require." (See: Hero Dog Saves 8 Goats From California Fire.)

Lundy still needs more time to get stronger and become adoptable, and Herman may remain at the shelter for the rest of his life.  According to Rogers: "With animals born with defects, there's a chance we could lose them...We've gotten a thousand emails asking: "Please don't separate the two! One of Lundy's rescuers fell in love with him while traveling with him to Rochester, so he may already have a home lined up. The question is then: Will Herman ask to tag along too?" (See: Hero Pit Bull Rescues Humans and 5 Dogs From Fire.)

Stay strong and together, sweet comrades! You deserve each other.

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Source: CNN