Does your dog eat like a horse? Does he just wolf down his kibble? While it may be second nature for canines to gobble their food, eating too quickly can cause them problems like choking and bloating, and can even lead to serious conditions like gastric dilation. Here are a couple of products that can help slow down your dog's meals.

Product #1: Green Interactive Feeder, by Northmate

The Green Interactive Feeder is a dog "bowl" designed to look like a tuft of grass. You, the dog owner, scatter your pet's food across the feeder and then your dog has to hunt for every morsel. This slows her meal down significantly and turns dinner into a challenging game.


Dog using the Green Interactive FeederDog using the Green Interactive Feeder


The Green Interactive Feeder is made of hard plastic and retails for around $40 on Amazon.

Product #2: Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl by JW Pet

Another possible solution is the Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl. This is a more traditional-looking bowl with partitions to stop your dog from getting a very big mouthful all at once. This bowl also has a rubbery base that prevents it from sliding across the floor as your canine dines.


Skid Stop Slow Feed BowlSkid Stop Slow Feed Bowl


The Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl is made of heavy-duty plastic and is also very affordable. It retails for less than $10 on Amazon.

 Whichever product you chooses, your dog will reap the rewards in terms of better health.

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