Twinning With Your Best Friend

The term "man’s best friend" has been around ever since owners first came up with the idea to domesticate their dogs. In fact, the term ‘canis familiars’ [or "domestic dog"] was first used when humans realized Eurasian gray wolves could be domesticated some 15,000 years ago.

More recently, another trend has emerged that says many of us acquire pets that tend to look like ourselves.


You can go to any dog park and see this amusing phenomenon played out between dogs and their owners. BBC Columnist David Robson noted that canine mini-me’s are so prevalent, they are found the world over. Whether it’s “a bearded hipster, accompanied by a little bundle of fur that looks like it went to the same barber, or a pugnacious thug carrying a bulldog. Or perhaps it’s an athletic jogger and her Afghan hound, their glossy locks blowing effortlessly in the wind,” describes Robson.

Michael Roy at the University of California, San Diego was one of the first psychologists to analyze this trend up close and personal. Going to three nearby canine parks, he photographed the dogs and their masters separately, and then requested a group of participants to guess which pooch went with which owner. Despite no additional cues, he found that they were able to work out who lived with whom with reasonable accuracy. The result has since been duplicated in multiple case studies since as well.

Topher Brophy & Rosenberg

In today’s milieu of social media, this phenomenon is now being played out on social networking sites that place an emphasis on photography, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others.

In fact, Instagram user @topherbrophy has achieved viral social media fame for the photos he has posted of himself and his Aussiedoodle, @rosenbergthedog. The two are not only identical in their physical appearance, Topher has gone one step further to dress them alike that nails their ‘twinning’ similarities squarely on the head[s].

With their matching clothes, their shaggy brown hair, facial scruff and piercing eyes — they could indeed be “brothers from another mother.”

He Completes Him . . .

Which is visually obvious, the now famous duo share an unbreakable bond. Topher explains it this way: "The day I met you, I found my missing piece. You complete me and make me a better person. You're my best friend, I'll love you forever, I promise..." in the caption of their Instagram debut together.

Since that first post, they have been captured in 50 identical matching outfits, ranging from a red, white, and blue Fourth of July get-up to a groovy hippie look. Stylist Chantal Adair (@thedogstyler) coordinated the outfits that highlighted just how eerily similar the two look — don't you think?