Fun in the sun means more time spent at the beach, the ocean and long walks and activities in the great outdoors. So how do you keep your pets safe and comfortable in the hotter and sunnier months? The market today is flooded with pet supplies that can help to keep your pet cooler and more comfortable this summer. But it's hard to figure out what your pets will need and use. Here's 12 pet products I thought would be great for keeping your pets more comfortable in the summer heat:

 Keeping Pets Cool

1. Fountain For A Steady Stream Of Cool Water

Instant Dog DrinkerInstant Dog Drinker

Both cats and dogs require extra drinking water during the summer. Dogs release body heat by panting which in turn can cause dehydration. There are several ways to go when it comes to replenishing your pet's water supply. You can fill a bowl or bucket and freeze it. During the course of the day as it melts, your pet has a steady stream of cool, refreshing water. You can also chill or freeze water in a plastic bottle filled three-quarters to the top. (Do not fill all the way up to the top, as expansion through melting will cause the bottle to burst.) Add the chilled water to your pet's bowl periodically.

The advantage to using a plastic water bottle is that it will stay cool for hours at a time. An "ice pack" pillow made from frozen plastic water bottes wrapped in soft fabric helps a dog cool down quickly. 

2. Instant Fresh Water With Sink Drink Cat Faucet Fountain

Sink Drink FountainSink Drink Fountain

The Sink Drink Fountain is made exclusively for indoor cats that love to drink water from the sink. This  special fountain saves water because it drips it into the dish and at the same time, keeps kitty's paws and fur oustide of the sink.

3. An Insulated Cathouse For Your Cat

The Kitty TubeThe Kitty Tube


Keep your cat cool  with the black, insulated cathouse known as the Kitty Tube. Beyond keeping up to three felines coo in summer and warm in winter, this cathouse is also a green product made in the USA from 100% recycled milk and detergent bottles. The floor, walls and roof are all sealed with high quality insulation and the Kitty Tube shell is guaranteed for life to never chip, crack or fade.

4. A Cooling Vest For Your dog

Canine Cooling VestCanine Cooling Vest


Due to the fact that cooling vests are becoming very trendy among the doggie-owner set, there are a myriad of different varieties made from diverse materials that come in many colors and operate on different cooling principles. They are all  designed to prevent your dog from overheating. Most are composed of water-retaining fabric that cools by simple evaporation.

5. A Doggie Swimming Pool

Doggy swimming poolDoggy swimming pool

Most doggie swimming pools  operate on the premise that  dogs usually dunk in the same water from which they drink. The Pet Edge Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pools provide safe exercise for your pet  and feeds into the dog's need to swim. These pools are very easy to fill and empty and they are portable, foldable and highly durable.

6.Cooling Lounger For Your Cat Or Dog

Cooling LoungerCooling Lounger

The K&H Thermo-regulating indoor or outdoor Pet Lounger is a durable bed made of polyester and is tufted for supreme comfort. It is the perfect option for keeping pets cool all summer long or while lying by the fire in winter. It comes with an insert gel pack that cools for up to eight hours and can be used over and over. Extra inserts are sold separately.

7. A Kool Collar for Dogs

TheKool CollarTheKool Collar

The Kool Collar  will keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable throughout the summer by utlilizing melting ice which acts as artificial perspiration. This accessory is very helpful in preventing heat stroke and other heat-related issues as well.

8. The Cool-It Bandana For Cats Or Dogs

The Cool-It BandanaThe Cool-It Bandana

This bandana keeps pets cool by abosrbing water and using it to cool your pets for hours. You just soak the entire bandana in water for 15-30 minutes and it will swell as it absorbs water. To keep pets cooler for longer, you can soak the bandana and refrigerate it or even freeze it a little before using. It fits most dogs as it comes in three sizes. Edged with eflective tape for the sake of visibility, this product is  durable, hand-washable and can be reused many times.

 Keeping Pets Safe

9. Protective eye-wear for dogs



Protect your dog's eyes from the hot rays of the sun, sand and other debris with Doggles.
This protective eyewear is used for military canines and other working
dogs as well. The lenses offer 100% UV protection, and they fit over a
dog's snout comfortably.


10. A Water Safety Vests For Your Dog

Pet Water Safety VestPet Water Safety Vest


Go swimming with your pets?  Be extra safe and protect them with  a water safety vest whose
bright yellow color no life-guard could ever miss. The vest fits
securely via adjustable chest straps and comes with two handles whcih
make it easy to lift the animal out of the water.


11. A Pool or Lake ramp For Dogs

Super Skamper Lake RampSuper Skamper Lake Ramp


For dog owners who swim in pools and sail the open water with their pets beside them, the Super Skamper Pool or Lake Ramp  is
the ideal attachment to a boat or swimming pool. It provides an easy
way for dogs to both access and exit from water and is constructed of
heavy-duty plastic. The 42-inch ramp can accomodate dogs that weigh up
to two hundred pounds.

Keeping Pets Clean

12. A Canine Shower Stall

Canine Shower StallCanine Shower Stall

I am just adding this for fun as I thought this was something I would get if I had a few extra bucks just hanging around....The Canine Shower Stall 
is equipped with sixteen jets  that will penetrate even the densest dog
coat. Your pet will really feel the hose against his skin and enjoy cooling down
in this manner. The stall comes with a hand-held sprayer, which can
reach those hard-to-get-to areas, leashes for restraint, a shelf for
smaller, shorter dogs and dual locking doors.


 Dogs Enjoying poolDogs Enjoying pool

So have fun in the sun this summer and allow your pets to do the same. Armed with common sense,  knowledge about what damages the sun can do and using some of these products will help keep everyone in the family cool, safe and happy.

And my fun quote to share with you today... It ain't the heat, it's the humility. ~ Yogi Berra

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