Some people will do just about anything to take their pets on the plane with them. While cats and dogs are welcomed by most airlines, other pets are not so welcome. In the past there have been numerous stories of people trying to get their snakes through in their carry-on luggage. One man in China took a different approach last month when he tried to sneak his turtle on board disguised as a hamburger from KFC.

Turtle Burger

Mr. Li, the owner of the tiny reptile, was attempting to board a Southern China Airlines Flight from Guangzhou to Beijing on July 29th. He was stopped by security when the x-ray screening machines showed a number of "odd protrusions" sticking out of the burger he had packed in his bag. The staff was pretty sure that the image they were seeing was that of a turtle and asked to see Li's bag. He protested that there was no turtle in there, and that it was just a hamburger.

After much discussion Li allowed the staff to check out his lunch. Sure enough, there was a turtle tucked inside. The staff demanded to know why he had done such a strange thing and he explained that he just wanted to be able to travel with his beloved little pet. The staff explained that turtles were not allowed on the flight and he finally agreed to let the turtle be looked after by a friend.

While this story is funny and cute with such love for a tiny pet, I do have to wonder how many people he was holding up while this tiny drama unfolded. I would hope they pulled him out of the security line so that others were not inconvenienced, but there is no word on that. I have never heard of anyone being so devoted to a pet turtle --and it wasn't even a ninja. Could have been a teenager though.

Image via deathandtaxes

Source: South China Morning Post