The Trump Bird That Doesn’t Tweet

By now, the world is fully aware that our new president is only a tweet away from his next 140-character proclamation. Call it what you like - it’s his go-to platform, his preferred soapbox, his bully pulpit. In fact, with all the tweeting this man does, you have to wonder why Jack Dorsey and Twitter aren’t doing better than they are? While stock prices have climbed for every other brand mentioned in one of Trump’s tweets [exp. L.L.Bean], Twitter continues to decline in value [Twitter's current share price as of this post recently plummeted to $16.79.]

China’s Answer to Trump

So, when another Trump popped up in China, it was curious if this new bird-of-a-feather would be just as Twitter-obsessed as his U.S. doppelgänger?

While this Asian Trump bears a striking resemblance to the leader of the free world, the jury is still out whether or not this bird tweets . . . or squawks, mimics and/or chirps for that matter.

This species is a Golden Pheasant and can be found at the Hangzhou Safari Park, which is the largest-scaled safari park in the Eastern China Region. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, in addition to the Trump bird, this zoo is home to Siberian tigers, leopards, monkeys and rhinoceros.

After since photographed back in November 2016, this pheasant has become a global must-see attraction, due to the obvious reasons. He's got that Trump hair in the front, with that medieval samurai thing going on in the back.

Oddly enough the bird's nickname is "Little Red." Hmmmnn . . . you would think, if they gave this a little more thought, “Little Orange,” might have been the more appropriate moniker.

More Colorful, Healthier . . .

As our new president is known for superlatives, particularly when it comes to describing himself or his poll numbers, the Trump bird seems to follow suit.

According to The People's Daily, Little Red's keeper says the bird is "more colorful than the other pheasants because he is very healthy," which when you think about it sounds a lot like something Trump's personal physician once told the press.

Not only does the pheasant's appearance looks like Trump, its facial expression looks like Trump's too. "Look at its eyes, they are very similar [to Trump's]," said his handler. The only difference is the president doesn't have a beak. But then again, the Trump bird doesn’t have a twitter account . . . at least not yet. Perhaps if Trump purchased "Little Red" and brought him to the White House, he might think about setting him up with one.

After all, this is the first presidency in a very long time that is going pet-less! And a Twitter account for the Trump bird might be just what Trump needs to help soften his image. You think there’s room in the White House for a Golden Pheasant's gilded cage?