Don't get confused here.  This is not a hamster playground.  It is for a cat and it's darn smart, I think. You get three of Catit's best cat-attractive items in a 'value bundle' that, together, sets up the perfect basis for a playground for your cat, no matter how old she is.

First, there's the Catit Senses Massage Center, a real cat spa, with a variety of textures and surfaces for your cat to enjoy.  Add catnip for an extra sensory experience.  This cat is enjoying it!


Catit Design Senses Massage CenterCatit Design Senses Massage Center


The Catit Senses Food Maze makes your kitty work for his food.  For dry food or cat treats, place the pellets along the maze, so that your cat has to reach for it to push it down where he can eat it.


Catit Senses Food MazeCatit Senses Food Maze


Once your cat has had his eats and his massage, he's ready to play and play hard he will, as he swats the swirled gray and green ball around the curved peek-a-boo track on his Catit Senses Play Circuit.


Catit Senses Play CircuitCatit Senses Play Circuit


The Catit Design Senses 'value pack' is an economical way to start a playgound for your cat.  Later, you may want to add other members of the Catit Design Senses series to your cat's playground.


That's the buzz for today!


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