The Camada cat litterbox takes the humble gritty kitty tray to the next level, literally, as this gorgeous piece of wood furniture stands two stories tall.     

Top Cats Love The Camada Deluxe Luxury Litterbox

The Camada litterbox will change the way you think of litter boxes! No more hiding away in a basement corner; this handsome piece of modern furniture demands its place in the spotlight while providing more privacy then you (or your cat) ever thought possible.

Crafted by hand from Birch plywood protected by a smooth UV coating, the Camada cat litterbox features two segregated yet connected compartments, one atop the other. Upstairs, so to speak, your cat can enjoy a secure resting space whose ribbed roof allows healthy air circulation and sunlight exposure without compromising your feline's innate desire for security.

Top Cats Love The Camada Deluxe Luxury Litterbox

Down below, a hidden compartment can accommodate a (user supplied) high-sided  litter tray measuring up to 24" long by 12" wide by 16" tall. The litterbox cabinet itself measures 24" tall by 17" wide by 24" deep, and is stated by the manufacturer to be suitable for cats weighing under 15 pounds – virtually all domestic cats, in other words.

The Camada litterbox's design is both stylish and practical: a double-level floor reduces litter spilling by 90% and when it's time for a tray clean-up, the drawer's door opens a full 90 degrees to lay flat against the floor. The wood cabinet cleans easily with a damp cloth and initial assembly is a cinch with clear instructions and all construction materials included.

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