Whisker Friendly cat food bowls are designed to combat “whisker fatigue”, a recently diagnosed condition that can lead to stress and irritability in domestic cats. These 5 recommended cat food bowls and dishes offered at Amazon.com can make a real, positive difference in your cat's daily life... and by extension, yours as well.


Dr. Catsby's Food Bowl for Whisker Relief

The Top 5 'Whisker Friendly' Cat Food Bowls At Amazon.com

Dr. Catsby's Food Bowl for Whisker Relief ain't cheap – twenty bucks for a cat dish? - but the sellers must be doing something right since this whisker-friendly cat bowl was temporarily sold out at press time.

While you and Mr Fluffypants are waiting for it to be restocked, consider that this cat bowl is made from stainless steel that resists the growth of bacteria that can cause feline chin acne. The bowl's shallow yet voluminous shape allows owners to leave one full day of food to prevent over-feeding. Last but not least, the attractive, modern-looking dish is easy to clean and includes a food grade silicone rubber non-slip mat. (via Amazon.com)                  


PetRageous 2-Cup Silly Kitty Oval Bowl

The Top 5 'Whisker Friendly' Cat Food Bowls At Amazon.com

The handcrafted, 2-cup, Silly Kitty Oval Bowl from PetRageous is made to FDA standards from 100% stoneware that's both dishwasher and microwave safe. Available in white with Lime Green or Pink trim, the bowl features a cute scattered paw design on the outside with a "Silly Kitty" character inside.

This shallow, semi-elliptical bowl is a whisker-friendly 6.5" long and 4.5" wide with rims that stand 2" in height. (via Amazon.com)   


SuperDesign Melamine Wide Mouth Cat Bowl

The Top 5 'Whisker Friendly' Cat Food Bowls At Amazon.com

If the Fiesta Ware factory made dishes for cats, they'd probably look a lot like the SuperDesign Wide Mouth Cat Bowl. The lightweight bowl is made from durable, dishwasher-safe melamine plastic and comes in your choice of Light Green, Light Blue or Light Pink.

The 6” wide bowl is designed to be whisker-friendly and features molded-in “ripples” that keep dry food from collecting at the deepest part of the bowl. Five rubberized pads along the bowl's bottom edge prevent noisy slippage on tiled floors. (via Amazon.com)             


Hepper NOMNOM Pet Bowl

Hepper NOMNOM Pet Bowl

The Hepper NOMNOM Pet Bowl stickers at the upper end of the whisker-friendly pet dish range but when you pay top-end, you expect top-end performance and this thoughtfully-designed dish doesn't disappoint.

The bowl is actually a food/water combo and each food-safe stainless steel dish snaps out of the chew-safe base for convenient cleaning. The dish's wide outer tray catches crumbs and the entire design is as wide, shallow and flat as possible to reduce whisker-fatigue to a bare minimum. (via Amazon.com)             


Clean Healthy Disposable Bowls for Dogs and Pets

The Top 5 'Whisker Friendly' Cat Food Bowls At Amazon.com

The folks at Clean Healthy have come up with an idea so clever, it's a wonder no one thought of this before: disposable food bowls for dogs and cats! Wide and saucer-shaped, these bowls are whisker-friendly and can be used on their own or to line a similarly-shaped plastic, metal or ceramic bowl.

Available in 12-bowl or 72-bowl packs, these disposable food bowls are compostable, eco-friendly and environmentally safe. The manufacturer also claims they're non-allergenic, non-toxic and even gluten-free though there's no mention of whether they're edible. (via Amazon.com)


*** UPDATED on March 30th, 2019 ***

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