It is no secret to those that know me that I have an insane fear of sharks.  Part of this is due to the brilliant film, Jaws.  The other is that I've had a few scrapes with them in real life.  I realize they are just animals and doing there thing--but that doesn't make it fun when one scrapes your leg to make you bleed so it can track you.

Since Shark Week is upon us, we here at Pets Lady thought it would be a
fun idea to steer you, dear readers, to some of the finest shark-centric
films ever made.  And by "finest," we also mean (in some cases)


Okay... Jaws is still one of the scariest films ever.  But I gotta give points to Deep Blue Sea for being really fun.  And come on... Sharknado has spawned two sequels of the best Gouda you could ever see!

Video uploaded by on November 24, 2014.

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