Java geriatrics get “a chicken with every shot” thanks to a pilot program awarding live poultry to vaccine-shy Indonesian senior citizens. Who's hen-pecked now?

Java geriatrics get “a chicken with every shot”

As the global COVID-19 pandemic rages on, there's a light at the end of the tunnel as more people get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Trouble is, many people – especially those in vulnerable demographics such as seniors – remain wary about getting their shot.

Such is the case in Indonesia, a current COVID-19 hot spot where only 8.8 million of the nation's 181.5 million citizens have been fully vaccinated. That's just five percent... and that's not good.    

Java geriatrics get “a chicken with every shot”

In an effort to boost the vaccination rate among the geriatric set, the government has embarked upon an innovative program that rewards jabbed Javanese with a chicken. Not a chicken sandwich, mind you, an actual clucking chicken... pardon our language.

The program kicked off in the Pacet district of Cianjur, West Java, and was  an instant success with 300 feathered fowl handed out to 300 seniors after each registered oldster received their second shot.   

Java geriatrics get “a chicken with every shot”

“The elderly people didn’t want to get vaccinated for various reasons,” according to Pacet sub-precinct chief Galih Aprian. “That’s why we visited them, and we show our appreciation by giving chickens to people who want to be vaccinated.” You can watch a short video of the program in action here.  

The scheme isn't as quid pro quo as one might think: the culturally-cognizant program is being framed as a sign of kadeudeuh, or “a token of love” in the Sundanese language. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to us... though one would hope this won't set off a Bird Flu pandemic. (via Kumparan News)