Or in this case, skeletons a-plenty. Skel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog Statue has
been on guard at your door for so long that he is down to skin and
bones. Well, bones anyway. Now he'll really be able to scare away all
comers! Check out his friends Skel-E-Cat and Skel-E-Squirrel too!

 Skel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog StatueSkel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog Statue

These wonderful Halloween decorations are made of durable polyresin to hang out in your garden or on your patio to scare friends and neighbors throughout the season.

Skel-E-Cat Skeleton Cat StatueSkel-E-Cat Skeleton Cat Statue

This is one dog that is easily trained to sit and stay. The cat won't be digging in your garden beds anytime soon. And this squirrel won't be teasing the dog or cat these days -- no bones about it. These haunting statues are great gifts for both gardeners and Halloween enthusiasts.

Skel-E-Squirrel Skeleton Squirrel StatueSkel-E-Squirrel Skeleton Squirrel Statue

Set them up in your fake graveyard just for fun, or let them hang out by the door. Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate your animal friends -- especially those who have passed. This is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted so that you can commune with those who have gone before. Woooooooooo!

To order the Skel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog Statue, click here. For Skel-E-Cat, click here. For Skel-E-Squirrel, click here. Happy Halloween!

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