This Japanese gachapon machine offers cat-owners with spare change a choice of four different Christmas cat cap & cape combos.

Tis The Season For Christmas Cat Cap Cape Combos

From Hello Kitty to Nyan Cat and beyond, the cult of the cute cat spreads its claw-tipped tentacles ever deeper into what passes for pop culture in Japan. One oddly prevalent venue comprises cat caps, because cats and kittens just aren't cute enough if they aren't wearing some sort of headgear... even though they are.

Cute Cat Caps

The range of available cat caps is seemingly unlimited: you could outfit your kitteh in a different cap each and every day of the year, presuming the annoyed and aggrieved critter doesn't scratch your eyes out before the leaves begin to fall. Should you both manage to survive until the Holiday Season, however, a new run of seasonal caped cat caps is sure to have you squee-ing 'til the cow-cats come home.     

Tis The Season For Christmas Cat Cap Cape Combos

As featured by Jonelle Patrick at her Only In Japan website, this gachapon machine dispenses one of four variations on a “Christmas Eve Kitten Cape”: Cat (red), Bunny (green), Bear (blue), and Reindeer (brown fur with red nose). Could you find a better way to spend 400-yen this Xmas? Probably... but don't listen to your cat.