Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toys

Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toys


If you are planning to bring home a new kitten or cat you need to know that cats must have toys. Toys are just as important as a litter box, a scratching post and a bed. Though a cardboard box and a blanket may take the place of a cat bed, if your kitty doesn't have one or more dedicated scratching surfaces, your home will be destroyed. 

Cat toys tend to fall into a few categories: toys cats chase, toys cats bat around, toys for scratching, and toys for cuddling. Some toys fall into more than one category.

You don't have to purchase each type of toy separately; you can get variety of different types of toys in a combo package, which many cat toy companies have made available. Combo packages are less expensive that buying each toy individually.


Ailuki 29 Piece Kitten Toy Collection

AILUKI 29-Piece Kitten Toy Assortment


The AILUKI 29-Piece Kitten Toy Assortment is highly-reviewed on Amazon. There are 29 pieces in this kit, including a 2-way tunnel, a feather teaser, a catnip fish, mice, colorful balls and bells for your kitten or small cat.The tunnet is less than 9 inches high, which is not large enough for most grown cats. 

There are also silvervine sticks in the selection which are good for a cat's teeth but I would not give them to a kitten, especially if his teeth are not all inAsk your veterinarian when your cat might be ready to use the silvervine.

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can check out your new kitten's favorite ways to play. First let them choose from a group of toys. If they don't show an interest in a particular toy one day, wait until the next day or two; that toy might suddenly become his fave. Cats are fickle, so don't give up on any toy. After 6 or 8 months of age, you can try using catnip to attract your cat to a toy, but best to ask your kitty's vet before you give her catnip or other stimulant.

More than toys, an older cat will need a place of his own to hide until he gets comfortable with you and your home. A condo that offers a place to hide as well as scratching surfaces and a few toys to bat around is perfect for a more mature cat who's just moved into your home. Though the Feandra Cat Condo can fit two cats, I would give your one cat as much room as possible. The Feandra is a good starter condo - not overwhelming, just the basics. 


Feandra Cat Tree

Feandra Cat Condo


I would add just a few toys to the condo that your new cat can swat or kick around. Hartz makes some of a cat's favorite toys and they are not expensive. This pack, will allow you to rotate your cat's toys. Initially, just attach a few to the condo, so your new cat feels safe playing with them.


Hartz Variety Pack Cat Toys

Hartz Variety Pack Cat Toys


Don't overwhelm a new cat with a lot of toys. She has life experience already and she needs more time to adjust to you and her new surroundings. With the above starter toys, her condo, bed, and, of course, litter box, she'll get comfortable with you in good time. She will know she has a home that you've made for her; just wait until she starts to reward you with rubs and purrs.

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