Hold that tiger er, terrier! A stray dog seen roaming the streets of a Malaysian town sports vivid tiger stripes painted on by misguided pranksters.

Tiger Striped Spray Painted Stray Dog Spotted

We all know our pet cats think they're really tigers and that's all well and good. Dogs, on the other hand (paw?), seem to be quite content just being themselves – that is, they keep their “inner wolf” undercover, for the most part.

Then there's this poor doggo... painted orange with contrasting black stripes, looking like some sort of bargain basement, broke-ass Panthera tigris wannabe after a weekend cat-food bender.

Tiger Striped Spray Painted Stray Dog Spotted

We'll admit this isn't the first dog-in-tiger's-clothing we've seen – about a year ago we reported on dogs treated with non-toxic hair dye by Indian farmers in an effort to frighten off fruit-pilfering monkeys. In that case, the farmers cared about their dogs and only applied “the best quality available” dye to their anti-primate K9s.

This is different – the vivid colors on this stray pooch were painted on, and for no discernible purpose other than to provide amusement to ignorant people. The “joke” was on the pranksters, however, as photos of the put-upon pup have gone viral on Facebook sparking widespread ire, anger, and condemnation.

Tiger Striped Spray Painted Stray Dog Spotted

Kudos to Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia of the Malaysia Animal Association for not only bringing this striking and shocking example of animal abuse to a wider audience, but also for asking people to come forward with any information that could lead to the perpetrators' arrest.

“Help Animal Malaysia find out where it is and who owns it?,” states the text accompanying several photos of the bewildered barker posted at the MAA's Facebook account. “Mysterious prizes await complete informants if they are in the country.” Mysterious or not, prizes are cool and so is the knowledge that you've done the right thing on behalf of an innocent animal.