Every family has “The Dinosaur Guy,” and I believe that I will always be inspired by the oddly shaped extinct creatures. Although I’ve grown up, that doesn’t mean that I have to abandon my prehistoric pals! Here is a trio of practical and fun dinosaur themed home goods to help every dinosaur fan chomp down dinner faster than a pack of hungry velociraptors!


Pastasaurus by Fred





Have you ever noticed that a pasta server sorta looks like a dinosaur’s head? No? That’s ok, because the imaginative crew at Fred dreamed up the Pastasaurus to chomp, strain and serve your favorite pastas! This green dinosaur tool holds a sizable serving of pasta in its noggin, drains water through its eye sockets and keeps slippery spaghetti from making a break for it with its capellini-chomping teeth. A must-buy for the tortelloni tasting tyrannosaurs in your life!


Tea Rex Tea Infuser by DCI





I’ve never really had a taste for tea, but if I wanted to drink hot water that tasted of plant bits, I would absolutely use the Tea Rex for each and every cup! All you need to do to brew a nice mug of Jurassic juice is just pop off the little guy’s head, stuff his body full of your favorite tea mixture, snap his head back on, and dip the dinosaur back into your mug. Now your fellow tea drinkers will take note of your awesome taste in tea, and your flashy Tea Rex infuser too!

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters by Suck UK




How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?” Although mankind has written entire books about this thought-provoking question, we may never know the true answer. We can only take solace in these incredible 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters that help baryonyx bakers to build freestanding brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and T-Rex shaped cookies. Seriously, if you are a wizard in the kitchen, I’m sure than anyone would be impressed with an army of little chocolate chip, iced and gingerbread dinosaurs!

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