You love pets of all shapes and sizes, but if you’ve ever been in a situation where you couldn’t keep an animal buddy with you for some reason, I feel your pain. With that in mind, I’ve discovered three great pet alternatives until your mom caves and lets you get the Saint Bernard puppy that you’ve been begging for:


Ultimate Plush Animals






If you’ve got the space, but you just can’t afford to keep a real animal, the huge cuddly creatures from Ultimate Plush Animals might just fill the void! These massive beasts stretch on average from three to six feet long, and with a zoo’s worth of plush wildlife to cuddle including crocodiles, snakes, pandas and more, you’ll enjoy all of the cuddling and none of the shedding of owning a real pet!


Passenger Pets Window Clings





If you don’t have room for a big ‘ol stuffed animal and you’re looking for something more realistic, Passenger Pets should be right up your alley. These large and realistic window clings are available in many cute breeds for both cats and dogs, and they are a fun way to spruce up any glass surface. If you stick one of these on your car window, you’ll have the added bonus of taking your pet wherever you go!  (Update: Unfortunately, these window clings are no longer available.)

Flat Pets by Garudio Studiage




So you live in a small windowless home, huh? That’s ok- I’ve got the perfect solution for you with Flat Pets! These cute cardboard animals look nice wherever you set them, and you can brag to your friends about owning a Technicolor orange cat, lemon colored gibbon, or even a baby panda! They are all eager to perform the “sit” trick, but just don’t try to give any of your Flat Pets a bath…

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