At this time of year holiday cheer is often destroyed by what has become to be known as "porch pirates." These brazen humans walk up to houses and steal packages that have been delivered to their homes. Before you say "Yeah, same old story,"you may want to check out the proof that humans are not the only ones guilty of this  It gets a bit squirrely and unbearable.

Squirrel Porch Pirate
Squirrel Porch Pirate

Image via LA Times

One man in San Pedro, California, has a problem with Amazon packages routinely disappearing from his doorstep. A doorbell camera caught the culprit red-handed, er, um, red-pawed  Yes, indeed, the thief turned out to be a squirrel. The rodent nabbed the package and dragged it away. Fortunately neighbors witnessed the crime and soon discovered the package under nearby bushes.

This squirrel is apparently a repeat offender because the resident says that he often finds his packages under the shrubbery of his apartment complex when a package goes missing.The squirrel was not available for comment on why he nicks the packages in the first place.

Amazon packages are not the only packages at risk, nor are squirrels the only animals in on the heists. Earlier this year a bear Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, was caught on camera stealing a box from off of a family's porch.  At least in his case the motive was clear. There was some food in that there box.

If a package disappears from your front door you may want to check to see if it was really a human pirating your hard-earned booty.

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