There's a fantastic line of yummy goodies for your pets - I've even tasted the dog cookies - created by a gourmet chef, Mitch Ross.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Ross flipped his catering business into an international gourmet all-natural treat business for dogs, cats, horses and birds. These treats are artistically creative and very reasonably priced.

In 1989, Ross experimented with a recipe for his first dog treat and, after his own dog went nuts over it, Ross knocked on pet store doors in Pompano Beach, Florida asking the stores to carry a few for their customers. The rest is history!

Here are a few of Ross's current products. Even if you don't taste them yourselves you will appreciate the love and artistry that Ross gives to each product.


Bark Bars® Treats For Dogs

Ross's company, American Health Kennels, Inc., now 20 years later, is still making that first dog treat, Bark Bars®, but now they're available in a dozen 'lip smackin' flavors, many shapes and sizes, and some really smart looking packages, from candy bar packs to Bark Bar holiday packs. There are even mini Bark Bars with smiley faces for little barkers.


Jumbo Bark BarsJumbo Bark Bars






Nicknacks & Paddywacks Natural Beef Chews For Dogs

It's great to find 100 percent lean beef in a dog chew.  That means no salt, flavoring, preservatives, or dye -- and NO splintering!  Nicknacks, Paddywacks, and Ribs too!




Bake-Your-Own Brownies And Cookie Treats For Dogs

Dogs love the smell of freshly baked out of the oven treats, but unfortunately our own brownies are not recommended, especially as chocolate is poisonous to dogs.  So, American Health Kennels makes some Bake Your Own natural mixes for dog Brownies (carob) and Carob Chip Cookies.





Kitty Kisses Treats For Cats

Now, I have a strange cat, who will eat any food you put in front of
her except treats intended for cats. But she loves her Kitty Kisses. 
Why?  She thinks it's people food.

Don't mistake the Kitty Kissers for breath fresheners, because they are NOT made with mint!  Instead, they're made with real freeze-dried shrimp, chicken liver, beef liver, anchovies, and wonder-cat squid; no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.




Mustang Munchies Natural Treats For Horses

No sugar cubes for your equine beauty.  The Mustang Munchies will be just what the vet approved  for equine health and sweet tooths.  Made with whole wheat and barley flours, apples, carrots, rolled oats, vegetable oil and sweet sweet molasses. And, of course, the gourmet chef adds plenty of presentation in the carrot and apple shaped Mustang Munchies.




Mr. Beak's All Natural Treats For Hook-Billed Birds


You better get your beaks on Mr. Beak's treats before your bird does or you'll never taste them.  Of course they're made of all natural fruits, nuts, and seeds that will become your hookbilled bird's favorite's knosh.  Here's one set of ingredients: peas, bananas, peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, carrots, papaya, raisins, and chili peppers!  (I did not know that birds ate chili peppers.)



Holiday and Gift Packaging For Pet Treats

II Another aspect of this company I love is that every occasion and holiday is an opportunity to give a treat to your favorite pet and American Health Kennels loves to package.  Often a holiday is also an opportunity to try out a new recipe too, so look for these delightful packages around Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Fouth of July, Christmas, Hanukah, and other special days. The treats make great, inexpensive, and healthy food gifts for all the dogs, cats, horses, and birds in your life.








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