If there is one area of the kitchen that few people think of decorating
it is inside the kitchen sink. Then again, why not? This clever Doodle
Doo Rooster Novelty Sink Strainer
will certainly make you rethink some
of your decorating possibilities.

 Doodle Doo Rooster Novelty Sink StrainerDoodle Doo Rooster Novelty Sink Strainer

This cute little white rooster is here to help keep your sink and drains clean, as well as amuse you as you practice your emerging culinary skills. He doesn't close the drain for washing dishes. He just strains the big chunks out to keep them from blocking the drain. It is a wonderful and whimsical accent to add to your kitchen. It can really add a surprising touch to a chicken-themed kitchen.

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Doo Rooster Novelty Sink Strainer
for yourself or as a gift, click here.

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