Subaru's National Make a Dog's Day


That dog-loving Subaru car company wants you to adopt a shelter dog or two on October 22, a day Subaru established as National Make a Dog's Day (but the 23rd would be alright too!)

Subaru's National Make a Dog's Day is about reminding us humans that there are thousands of shelter dogs that need loving homes.  Some of these pups may not look like a dog you would buy from a breeder or pet store; they may be older, disabled, or scared of people. But they all need love, and they are ready to give so much more back.

Subaru calls them "The Underdogs."



For 20 years, Subaru has partnered with animal shelters in the U.S., particularly with the ASPCA, to provide support to shelter dogs and families that adopt them. Thousands of Subaru employees donate their time to pet shelters in their communities.

This year, "Subaru and participating retailers will donate 5,500 shelter supply kits and 4,800 new pet parent kits to local shelters. Also, more than 100 participating Subaru retailers will work in conjunction with animal shelters in their communities to host pet adoption events." via

Subaru of America is not only dedicated to improving the lives of shelter pets, but it has campaigns for the environment, hunger, health, and learning as well.


Subaru commercial



No doubt, it's the famous dog commercials that have introduced most of us to Subaru. Subarus are wonderful cars, but I do believe the Subaru dogs close a lot more deals than the Subaru sales agents. 

Cebrate National Make A Dog's Day on October 22 by adopting a shelter dog or two. If that's not possible, Subaru wants you to make your own dog's day!

(If you're experiencing withdrawal from Subaru's dog commercials, you can see many of them in Subaru's video vault!)


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