Tua Plu, street dog brings gifts for food (image via Orawan Kaew)
Tua Plu offering a gift in exchange for food


Sadly, unwanted pets are a worldwide problem. Fortunately, however, there are kindhearted individuals across the globe that step up and try and improve the lives of others, whether on two feet or four. That’s the case in Thailand, where a local woman takes the time to care for and feed the street animals in her area. All of the creatures she tends to are grateful, but one in particular always offers something in return for her generosity, and that’s Tua Plu, an adorable little terrier mix.

Barter System

Orawan Kaew lives in Krabi, where each day she goes out of her way to show the love that she feels for all animals. Among the pack of dogs that have found themselves blessed by Kaew’s kindness, only one never fails to bring her a present in exchange for the food she provides. Living on the street you’d guess that it would be difficult to scrape together a new gift every single day, but it’s not nearly as hard as you’d think when leaves, scraps of paper and sticks are available.

Abandoned Dogs

“When he’s hungry, he will offer something to get fed,” Kaew wrote on her Facebook page. In order to try and keep Tua Plu safer, she went out and bought a collar that she placed on his neck recently in hopes that people might think he actually belongs to someone who would notice if he went missing or came to harm. Each day she looks forward to his simple gifts, but she’s also concerned because soon she’ll be moving away and worries that no one will feed the dogs after she’s gone.


Food for street dogs in Thailand
Orawan Kaew feeling the love among the street dogs

Animal Adoptions

Since her Facebook posts have started to garner interest, some people have reportedly offered to adopt Tua Plu, which means “winged bean” in Thai. But her main hope at this point is that the dogs’ story will generate interest in their plight and inspire others to treat animals with the kindness they deserve and perhaps someday lead to forever homes filled with love for all homeless animals.


If your heart goes out to homeless and neglected animals, you can help make a difference today by donating to your local rescue foundation. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be your time, food, or supplies like blankets, towels, grooming tools and other items so many shelters are so desperately in need of. Just call and find out what they need, and you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel.