Backyard birdbaths invite and delight a wealth of winged wildlife but those wild drinkers and bathers aren't always the ones you expect.  


Birdbath wildlife - vultures


1) Vulture Culture Shock

Birdbath wildlife - vulture

After a long day of scarfing up roadkill, this committee (yes, a group of resting vultures is called a “committee”) of black vultures has decided to enjoy Happy Hour at your birdbath. Nothing to see here folks, carrion. (birdbath images via rainy city        


2) Awesome Possum

Birdbath wildlife - possum

Ahh, the possum that refreshes... a little soup for a marsupial, as it were. Sure, you might prefer to have birds patronizing your birdbath but hey, vultures are birds and who wants them hanging around? With that said, this furry varmint can drink, bathe and just chill out for as long as it wants. (birdbath image via Mike's Birds)                   


3) Froggy Mornin' Breakdown

Birdbath wildlife - frog

Fill your birdbath a tad full and soon you might find some tadpoles. Don't like amphibians in your above-ground pond? Too bad... next time don't build ponds where pond-dwelling creatures can find them. (birdbath image via Road Travel America)                      


4) The Buck Stops Here

Birdbath wildlife - deer

So you've got fawns on your lawn after spending big doe on a birdbath. Give Bambi here a break, wouldja? It's not like a water-thirsty deer is going to attract blood-thirsty hunters... or will it? Tune in next time for the antlers to these and other birdbrained questions. (birdbath image via normanack)    


5) Squirreled Circle

Birdbath wildlife - squirrel

First they came for our birdseed and we said nothing. Now they've come for our birdbath and again, we said nothing. We must be nuts or something... hey, that explains everything! (birdbath image via Alex Ranaldi)                    


6) One Cub Or Two?

Birdbath wildlife - bear

If you've got bears in your birdbath, maybe you should try attracting smaller birds. After all, you don't need much water to satisfy most avian species. It's not like it's a bear necessity or anything. Check that, it sorta is. (birdbath image via johnrosner)                    


7) Crows To The Edge

Birdbath wildlife - crow

Need more proof of how intelligent crows are? “This crow arrived with a large piece of dry toast in its mouth,” relates the photographer. “It proceeded to dunk it in the water until it was soft enough to eat!” Meh, call us when the raucous ravens start installing toasters and Keurig machines in their nests. (birdbath image via Janet 59)                      


8) Bee Bathed

Birdbath wildlife - bees

Most of you have heard about the birds & the bees but what about the bees & the birdbath? It's a honey of a tale, lemme tell ya! Seriously though, one wonders if birds mind sharing their baths with stinging insects. Do that too often and you could come down with a case of hives. (birdbath image via lovecatz               


9) Trunk & Disorderly

Birdbath wildlife - elephant

Kenya imagine an elephant moseying over to drink out of your backyard birdbath? Things could be worse, mind you... jumbo might not only be thirsty. Anyway, that's just how they roll in Kenya, what with pachyderms popping in from dawn to tusk. (birdbath image via Mara 1)                       


10) Ducky's Deluxe

Birdbath wildlife - rubber ducky

One way to attract birds to your backyard birdbath is to convince them it's safe, secure and fully functional. Do that by first just adding water, then by adding some birds. If you don't have any real birds handy, well, improvise. In no time at all, the neighborhood avians will think your birdbath is just ducky. (birdbath image via Chris Hamby