Just add water and these delightful glass cups turn into still-life aquariums, each one featuring a wistful cat peering in at all the pretty (tasty) fish!

Something's Fishy About These 'Cats Dreams' Aquarium Glasses

If you've got a cat and you've also got a fish tank, then you “get” these “Cats Dream of Fish Tank” glass cups. Each of the four available designs is cleverly decorated with a host of typical aquarium fish, plus one cat resting its paws on the glass, looking inward with a wistful expression.  

Choose from four different breeds of domestic cat – black & white tuxedo, ginger tiger, grey British Shorthair, or white-footed tabby. Each cat is matched with a different group of aquarium fish.

Something's Fishy About These 'Cats Dreams' Aquarium Glasses

The cups really show their stuff when water, tea or some other clear liquid is poured in and a natural refraction distortion effect kicks in. Check out this animation at the PR Times page: turning the cup sets the entire cat-fishin' tableau into glorious motion!

“Cats Dream of Fish Tank” glass cups sticker for 1,023 yen (just under $10) each. More information and ordering instructions can be found at the Felissimo Nekobu international website.