These soft silicone muzzles were specially designed to keep short-snouted dogs and cats from putting the bite on you, your vet, and everybody else.

Soft Safety Muzzle Secures Snappy Short-Snouted Dogs & Cats

Muzzles have become more popular lately and muzzle manufacturers are helping to fuel the trend with better looking and more comfortable designs. This particular muzzle from specialty pets retailer OPPO is part of the new wave of wearable bite suppressors, though only certain types of dogs and cats – yes, we said “cats” - can wear one.

Available in your choice of Pink or Light Brown, the muzzles are made from soft, durable and non-toxic silicone plastic with black polypropylene bands. They weigh about 70 grams (roughly 2.5 ounces) each and feature round holes to enhance ventilation and panting.  

Soft Safety Muzzle Secures Snappy Short-Snouted Dogs & Cats

As for cats wearing muzzles, you may have never seen this in public but there's a definite time and place where it's warranted... best example being at the vet when it's time for a shot, a microchip installation, or an uncomfortable medical procedure that doesn't warrant anesthesia.

These fashionable yet professional soft muzzles for short-snouted dogs and cats measure 12.7 cm long by 9 cm wide by 8.8 cm high (5” by 3.5” by 2.4”), and are priced at $49 each. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at OMG Japan.