Coyote ugly indeed: a wandering wily coyote later found to be rabid snarled at, stared down and chewed on a family's car, presumably a Plymouth Roadrunner.

Snarling Coyote Puts The Bite On Family's Car

So you're driving your two teenage daughters home from bible study class in placid Huntersville, NC... what could possibly go wrong? Enter coyote – and a rabid one to boot. Third such varmint to test positive for the dreaded disease this year, no less.

The Schroter family – father John and daughters Summer and Hannah – had driven home from the class many a time without incident. This time would be different, however.

Snarling Coyote Puts The Bite On Family's Car

Proceeding down Gibson Park Drive, they noticed a coyote clawing at a neighbor's wooden fence in an attempt to reach the homeowner's pet dog. John Schroter pulled over and began recording the coyote on his phone... and the critter didn't take kindly to the imposition.  

“It was there and then it started walking towards us,” explained Hannah Schroter. “When it was growling, I thought it was going to jump on the hood of the car or something.” The coyote had other ideas. “He actually started chewing on my front grill,” stated Hannah's father John. “I put it in reverse a little bit and then he took off.” Huh, you'd think a simple “beep beep” would have sufficed.

Snarling Coyote Puts The Bite On Family's Car

All's well that ended well for the Schroter family though their wily wanderer was destined for a less fortunate fate. After the Schroters contacted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the PD's animal control crew captured and euthanized the coyote. Samples sent to the lab in Raleigh confirmed the coyote was rabid. (via