A large snake apparently attempting to withdraw cash from an ATM in India ended up depositing itself inside instead.

Snake Slithers Into ATM Kiosk, Leaves Customers Rattled

A money-hungry serpent had its cold-blooded scheme to cop some cold, hard cash foiled after a misguided escape imprisoned it inside an ATM kiosk. The machine in question belongs to a branch of the ICICI Bank located in Ghaziabad, a city of roughly 2 million located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The serpentine perp was already up close and personal with the ATM when an incoming customer spied its shenanigans through the kiosk's glass front door. The cash-poor client had the presence of mind to quickly whip out his phone and hit “record” just as the rascally reptile began slithering into the machine. You can watch the video n its entirety at Asianet News Bangla's Facebook account.   

Snake Slithers Into ATM Kiosk, Leaves Customers Rattled

The customer then contacted the bank's security guard who, not wanting to tangle with a large and quite possibly venomous snake, was only too happy to forward the complaint to local wildlife department officials.

The latter made short work of the bankrupt boa, extricating it from its rather expensively furnished vault and releasing it back to the wild. From greenbacks to back-to-the-green, one might sssay! (via Sakshi Post)