A chimpanzee at the Central Zoo in Pyongyang, North Korea is charming visitors (and infuriating animal rights campaigners) by smoking cigarettes to the tune of a pack a day.

Smoking Chimp At North Korean Zoo Puffs A Pack A Day

The 19-year-old female chimp named Azalea (“Dallae”, in Korean) appears to have been introduced to this typically human vice by her trainer – zoos in North Korea are like circuses in some ways – and she's able to light her smokes either with a butane lighter or from the lit end of a burning cigarette.

Smoking Chimp At North Korean Zoo Puffs A Pack A Day

The zoo, which has been criticized in the past for keeping animals in woefully inadequate conditions,” defends Azalea's penchant for puffing in public by insisting she doesn't inhale the smoke. They may have a point... as you can see in the following video, she puffs very quickly and does not appear to take long drags.           


The Central Zoo re-opened lately after undergoing extensive renovations begun in 2014 as part of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's program to create “leisure centers” throughout the isolated east Asian nation's capital city. We're not sure who's enjoying the most leisure, however, Azalea with her coffin nails or the people who pay to watch her spark 'em up. (via Gigazine)