Soon, even our pets will be 'smart.' Their pet phones will show them their food being prepared, their owners busy painting the kid's room (the best time to interrupt owners), and the other household pets napping cozily (the best time to attack them). 

But at this stage in the advancement of pet AI, they have to settle for a facial recognition pet bowl and a self-cleaning cat litter box that alerts their owners when they use the litter box, when the box is cleaning itself, when the box needs to be emptied, needs fresh litter, or their owners need to order fresh litter. When the litter box software gets updated, owners will probably get to know details about their cat's feces too.





Described above is the most recent smart aleck cat box, the LavvieBot, now in its prototype stage, but advanced enough to show off at the 2019 Computer Electronics Show (CES). It's going into its fundraising stage soon so you can start saving your coins for what is expected to be about a $380 layout.

And you may just think this very smart litter box is worth the big bucks. The LavvieBot is very smart. Most importantly, for your cat's health, it keeps the litter box very clean, moving your cats waste from the box into a separate charcoal scented compartment after each use. It holds all waste in the compartment until you empty it every 2-3 weeks. It can be used by multiple cats, but you will have to empty it more often. According to the LavvieBot literature, you can even keep the box in your bedroom; that's how little odor is associated with it. And, it's also quiet!





"The deodorizer absorbs up to 93.9% of ammonia, and also functions as a dehumidifier. By replacing it (the charcoal) within a year, LavvieBot will remain free of odor, and maintain a pleasant environment for both you and your cat."

As for the smarts, you will get the significant alerts from when your cat 'goes,' to when you need to order more litter. In case you haven't thought about it yet, it is useful to know how often your cat 'goes' and how long he stays in the litter box. It tells you a lot about his digestive health!

The LavvieBot itself notifies you when the litter box is doing one of its chores.


LavvieBot wifi dial



To put it all together for you, LavvieBot has made this short video. It may just whet your desire for this smart device:




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