Baby elephant “Anjan” made more than just a good impression after dozing off in a sand pile and awakening later with the best bed head EVAR.    

Sleepy Baby Elephant Makes Great First Impression

This incredibly detailed impression of a sleeping baby elephant looks almost like a fossil, though it (sadly) proved to be much more ephemeral. A tip of the cap to the artist, who just happens to be Anjan, a baby Asian elephant bull who lives at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, UK.

Zoo staff stumbled upon Anjan's immaculate impression mere moments after the four-foot-long pre-tusker had awoken from his four hour long nightly nap. They weren't the only ones doing the stumbling, however. “The print was unfortunately left very much in the middle of the elephant habitat,” according to a zoo spokesperson who posted the image on Twitter, “and so some rather heavy footprints have since passed through.”

Sleepy Baby Elephant Makes Great First Impression

Anjan shares a roomy and very sandy enclosure with several other resident pachyderms so the odds of anything fragile remaining on the ground inside are rather slim. It's said that some of the world's most beautiful phenomena – sunsets, lightning strikes, and so on – come and go in a heartbeat; such was the case with Anjan's sandy and serene self-portrait.

Kudos to thoughtful and fast-acting zoo staffers for capturing Anjan's elephantine Kodak moment for posterity! As for Anjan himself, the talented one-year-old isn't letting this fleeting brush with fame go to his jumbo-sized head. Indeed, this isn't even his first foray into the headlines. His previous claim to fame was being born roughly three months after his due date – condolences to his mum! (via Chester Zoo / SWNS)