The Shabani Arm Pillow is truly the gorilla your dreams even if the thought of dozing on a 600-pound silverback's chest is most folks' worst nightmare.

Shabani Arm Pillow

Modeled after Shabani, a Western lowland gorilla residing Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo, this soft yet supportive sleeping prop is the next best thing to bedding down with Japan's most popular primate.

Shabani single-handedly boosted visitor counts at Nagoya’s Higashiyama Zoo after photos highlighting his primal macho mystique caused countless female hearts to flutter. That particular market segment is expected to eat up – or should that be, “sleep up” - this animalistic pillow featuring Shabani's powerful pecs and deep, limpid eyes.

Shabani Arm Pillow

The generously stuffed pillow is made from 100-percent polyester and measures 90 x 45 x 15 centimeters (about 35.5” wide by 17.75” tall by 6 inches thick). It features a handy breast pocket for the convenient storage of bananas, smartphones, spare change and/or breath mints.     

Prepare to fork over a cool 6,300 yen (just under $60) to Felissimo YOU+MORE! for the privilege of spending the night with Shabani – figuratively speaking – or simply displaying his robust upper torso as a burglar deterrent. Don't be surprised, though, if home invaders beguiled by the big ape settle in for an impromptu catnap. (via Twitter/@shikiko)