Saving your loose change can really add up and what more fun way to do
that than with a Life-Like Pug Miniature Coin Bank. It is also a great
way to get kids interested in saving.

Life-Like Pug Coin BankLife-Like Pug Coin Bank

This adorable little dog isn't a full-size bank, but a miniature measuring just over 7" tall. It isn't going to hold a large wealth of coins, but makes up for that by being absolutely adorable. It will be a lovely decoration for any empty spot in your home. If you are into feng shui then this little puggy bank can adorn the money corner of your bagua to help your finances improve. Just feed it with a few pennies now and then.

Life-Like Pug Coin BankLife-Like Pug Coin Bank

The bank is made of a sturdy polyresin plastic for years of enjoyment and hard wear so you can trust it with your kids. As with any bank like this there is a slot in the back of the head for deposits, and an opening in the bottom for withdrawals.

To order your own Life-Like Pug Miniature Coin Bank, click here.

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