After two men on a tourist fishing boat in the middle of a Russian lake rescue two baby bears, they can only hope that the bears' mother finds and cares for them....


Baby bear clings to fishing boat in Russian lake

Photo capture from YouTube video, below

Two drowning bears, just youngsters, were seen gasping for breath in the middle of Lake Vygozero in the Karelia region of northwestern Russia next to Finland.  The tourists on the boat, who had been fishing, saw the cubs somewhat earlier with their mother, but the young bears were not able to keep up with their mother and, observing the cubs gasping for breath to stay afloat, the tourist boat rushed to help them.

An amazing interface between the bears and two fishermen ensued, captured on video by one of the tourists, Rusian Lukanin.



In the video, thought to be taken last month, according to the Daily Mail, you hear the rescuers talking very gently to the brown-faced bear.  This translation is quoted from the Daily Mail:

Man 1: "Take a rest, little one, take a rest. Hold on, hold on. But what if he bites us?"

Man 2: "No, he won't. He's just clinging for his life."

Man 1: "Hold on. Hold on. Look, he uses his paw to hold."

Man 2: "Need to help him, to hold his bum."

After the fishermen put a net under him to help raise the cub, Man 1 says, "Don't be afraid, just don't be afraid. We'll rescue you, don't be afraid. It's heavy! The net is rotating."

Man 2, who is holding the cub with the net then says, "It's damned heavy, yes."

(Brown bears are one of the largest species of bear in existence, so even as cubs, no doubt these two were heavy!)


Baby brown bear is holding onto fishing boat in Russian lake

Photo capture of dark-faced cub from YouTube video, above

The bears were both safely pulled into the boat with the strong nets and then taken to one of more than 500 islands on the lake where their mother was seen to swim.  When the boat got to the island, not finding the bears' mother, the fishermen helped the exhausted bears into the forest, as they could not get there themselves.

Hopefully, their mother eventually found the cubs and nourished them back to heath.


Source: Daily Mail