The official Vladimir Putin 2020 calendars are out and although none feature shirtless pics of the manly Russian Pres, fans can opt for a VP calendar highlighting the long-time leader's interactions with animals, pets and wildlife.        

2020 Vladimir Putin 'Animal Friends' Calendar

Vladimir Putin not only promotes Russia's “soft power” campaigns, he also stars in them. Imagery of the now-67-year-old former KGB agent riding horses (and bears!), playing sports, and glad-handing his human and non-human admirers serve to hone his image both inside Russia and around the world.

For years now, calendars have proven to be an ideal venue for promoting Putin as a champion for Russian values. This year there seem to be more versions and varieties then ever before, but there IS something different: the old macho Putin has been replaced by a kinder, gentler, animal-loving Putin.   

2020 Vladimir Putin 'Animal Friends' Calendar

Indeed, Vladimir Putin Wall Calendar 2020 Favorites: President Putin with Animals shows off the Russian President's legendary love for and affinity with animals.

January leads off with Putin in national Olympic team gear, rolling in the snow with two of his three dogs. December closes out the year with Putin cradling a tiny chick in his powerful palms.

2020 Vladimir Putin 'Animal Friends' Calendar

For those feeling heartbroken over the passing of Virile Vlad, cheer up: the final page with a full-year 2021 calendar includes a photo of the muscular Muscovite riding a horse in a sleeveless shirt. Putin, not the horse. Giddy-up!

You'll find “Vladimir Putin Wall Calendar 2020 Favorites: President Putin with Animals”, along with over a dozen other official VP 2020 calendars and Putin-themed gifts, at The Russian Vladimir Putin Boutique website.

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