Walking in town with your dog, you decide to pick up a special dessert for dinner, but the bakery doesn't allow dogs. Too bad your bakery doesn't have a DogSpot... not yet!

DogSpot, founded in 2016 by Brooklyn resident, Chelsea Brownridge, has been tested in 50 locations in Brooklyn and is now ready to blossom out to cities across the country. It's the perfect solution to quick stops at the store while you're walking your dog.




It's a brilliant idea - a large sturdy dog house with all the comforts of home, like heating and air conditioning, fans to keep the air moving, U/V sanitation between uses to kill bacteria, viruses (including parvovirus), and molds, as well as an app to a WiFi-connected camera so that you can see how your pet is doing while you're trying on the sweater you saw in the window. The 'team' at a monitoring station will also be watching.

Interestingly, the Brooklyn experience provided evidence that customers actually switched shopping preferences to the stores that offered DogSpot.



DogSpot, formerly called Dog Parker, will add another dozen cities in the next year. Possible sites are Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Boston; San Jose, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; Kansas City, Mo.; Columbus, Ohio; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Jersey City, N.J.; Charleston, S.C.; Columbia, S.C.; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Southampton, N.Y.; and New Rochelle, N.Y. These cities, no doubt, have vendors interested in offering this great service.

As a DogSpot member, you receive a member card that enables access to the DogSpot. You can get a free trial for a week, and you have a 90 minute time limit. Then, the charge is $.30 per minute, so a 20 minute visit would be $6.00. Though the DogSpot is made for one dog, you may leave two dogs under 30 pounds each in the DogSpot.  For more information about the details of this service, visit the DogSpot FAQ here.

Heck, DogSpot not just a great service, it's a revolution!


DogSpot via PPN


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