Channel your inner feline TV critic with the awesome Nail Toe TV, a colorful cat scratching post in the form of a colorful retro television set.      

Nail Toe TV Cat Scratching Post

The Golden Age of Television once captivated and delighted viewers who put up with tiny CRT screens, black & white “colors”, and limited programming hours. While TV technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the content often makes you want to grab your flat screen and shred it to bits with your bare hands.

Since TV prices have also increased proportionately over time, the clever folks at Awesome Store are offering a solution in the form of the Nail Toe TV. Constructed from corrugated cardboard, this retro stress-reducer was made to be trashed... not by YOU, mind you, but by your cat!    

Nail Toe TV Cat Scratching Post

Indeed, the Nail Toe TV is a glorified scratching post that has an empty hole right through the middle. Sorta like your pricey LCD screen, if we're talking about the programming. This is a good thing, because your cat can enjoy exercising its claws inside and outside the box.

The Nail Toe TV measures 43cm wide by 24cm tall by 36cm deep (roughly 17” by 9.5” by 14”), and displays different colored facades on either side. The folded “rabbit ears” on top are a cute reminder of those bygone days when analog broadcasting was all the rage.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese-language product page at Awesome Store.