This cool retro photo film canister sac carries a roll of designer dog poop bags with style, grace and class.  

Retro Photo Film Style Dog Poop Bags & Holder

Poop bags... they're part & parcel of every dog-owner's life these days. Good to know someone's trying to turn one of the more negative aspects of poop-scooping into something positive!

Not the actual poopin' & scoopin', unfortunately, there's no real way to polish that er, poor choice of metaphor. At least there's hope for the aftermath of this foul chore, and its heretofore blandly utilitarian aspects.

Retro Photo Film Style Dog Poop Bags & Holder

So there you are, following (not TOO closely) a bloated canine who's about to make a deposit of the non-monetary type, if you catch our drift. SS-DD as they say, but wait: now there's something new and exciting to raise your mood!

Conveniently clipped to a handy belt loop is a small, soft-sided replica of a classic orange film canister. Within it's zipped-up confines you'll find a roll of black polyethylene dog poop bags imprinted with a classy film negative motif. If anything can coax a smile from a weary poop-scooper, this is it. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the online product page at Awesome Store.