rescue turkey spends thanksgiving with dog
Minnow & Blossom                   (image via Abbie Hubbard)


Odd pairings in the animal world are getting pretty common, but we still like to hear about them — especially when they're really cute. One fuzzy and furry duo in Virginia has made the news for their odd friendship, and it couldn't be timelier with Thanksgiving upon us. They are Blossom the turkey and Minnow the dog, and they've grown very attached to one another since Blossom was rescued by their pet mom.

Wildlife Foster Care

Foster care for animals often times extends beyond domestic pets. There are lots of folks who are willing to nurse wildlife back to health or keep them until the creatures are old enough to fend for themselves. Abbie Hubbard from northern Virginia is one of those people. That's how her and Blossom hooked up. Blossom is actually a wild turkey, and Abbie is the deputy director of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Animal Rescue

When Blossom was only five weeks old, she was rescued from certain death at the hands of a slaughterhouse. Hubbard, who says her heart beats for farm animals, has fostered other feathered creatures, so taking on Blossom was not going to be a problem. What could have been a problem was having a dog in the house, but it turns out there was nothing to worry about.

Bosom Buddies

In fact, Blossom and Minnow are extremely tight. How tight? They both dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween without getting in a cat fight over it. It may also have something to do with the fact Minnow can relate to being on the "What's for dinner?" end of things, as she was rescued from a similar fate as her bird friend by Hubbard.

Thanksgiving Day Celebrations

Regardless, the two like to hang together as often as possible, including going on long hikes with their mom — which, as it just so happens, is exactly what they'll be doing on Thanksgiving. According to Hubbard, besides their planned jaunt through nature, both animals will be dining on a plant-based meal with an assortment of vegetables that the twosome are known to enjoy.

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